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  - 2010 - Graduated the Implant at the University of New York- In 1997, graduated with honors University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Viet Nam Ministry of Health is direct entry into the program Master - Resident Doctor.- The first doctor in Vietnam successful application of porcelain manufacturing technology that automatically via PC - CAD/CAM Dentistry with the theme: "Introduction to CAD/CAM dentistry and research applications in-vitro SA recovery...
   Implant surgery is one should be implemented in dedicated rooms. Upon appointment, the treatment rooms as well as all surgical instruments will be prepared.Sterile instrumentsTools are soaked in sterilizing solution before Hexanios 1h SACCH cleaned with water. Unlike conventional dental treatment other, each implant has its own kits, sterile absorbed by Auto Clave machines with pre-installed programs and the preservation of its own dedicated electronic ultraviolet. ...
 Nowaday, there are many Implant center. Based on the model of Implantable Implant center of the modern advanced in the world, we have a few suggestions for you to choose Implant treatment facilities.A treatment Center Implant International standard to have convergence of the following:1 - The system must be equipped with CT scan and software Implant.This is a mandatory standard to evaluate whether it is center of international standards Implant or not, and only through this standard you can...

The first Vietnamese Recipient of International Implant Award

In 2012:Dr Vo Van Nhan is the first Vietnamese awarded an international implant prize in 2012 at the 15th ICOI Section Congress with his research on "Autogenous vertical and horizontal onlay block bone graft for maxillary alveolar ridge defect". This technique had been performed on 22 patients with chin, 15 withretromolar and 12 with iliac bones, with a total of 101 implant placements, resulting in a 100% success rate.Summary...
The first Vietnamese Recipient of International Implant Award Tooth Replacement Made Possible by Nerve Repositioning Operation


 A 36 years old female patient, a non smoker was refferred to our clinic due to missing tooth 11. The patient was in good health and her medical history revealed no significant findings. When teeth in estheic zone are lost, implants often represent the therapy of choice. The patient would not only request restitution of health and function but would also place  strong emphasis on the esthetic outcome. After extraction, the missing tooth was replaced by a removable denture but a dictinct...


 Implant is a prosthetic solutions optimized , very high success rates from 97 to 100 % . When implants are not treated correctly it can still happen complications .Preoperative ComplicationsThese complications are usually in the preoperative planning of treatment, surgery preparation room and oral hygiene before transplantation .- When Implant treatment planning should be based on medical history and dental disease is the most general or with elderly patients suffering from chronic diseases...


 The first time in Viet Nam, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is equipped with the 3D scan tomography system and the Implant software. It allows: - Taking Panorama X - ray- Taking dental CT X - ray- Taking cephalo X - rayThis system is imported following the Vietnamese standard TCVN 6595: 2000 of the Ministry of Health and is licensed with number 05/2009/GP - SKHCN by the Science and Technology Department.X - ray CT scanX - ray CT scan allows us to survey three - dimensional (3D) image of the entire...


   The age to place implants

 In the under 16 age, skeletal system development is not complete and it's irrelevant to place implants. There is no limit on the age for the implants. If patients who suffer from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, ... can also implant treatment when the disease is well controlled.

 Implant is necessary for the elderly

According to research by scientists, the rate of tooth loss is proportional to the age. The main reason leading to tooth loss in the elderly is due to inflammatory periodontal disease.
The severity of periodontal disease increases with age. This increase may be due to the reasons disease in the body, changes in oral tissue, salivary glands, ... or due to poor mobility of the elderly leads to oral hygiene is difficult.
Previously, the prosthetic common for elderly denture , but it's hard to chew comfortably with it . Removable dentures often entangled in the mouth , chewing function is not high , decreased appetite when eating , barriers to pronounce , the hooks can damage the teeth , jaw bones waves gradually making content consumption author loose and after a while to edit or rework . In addition, the collision between removable dentures with perennial wave function can cause damage and create the wave function is not well in the tumors of the mouth .
Clinical removable prosthesis for total tooth loss function
Doctors : Vo Van Nhan
Patient: Female
Born in : 1953
1 . Physical examination
General health status: good
Tooth status:
    Upper Jaws: Full function of tooth loss, bone loss
    Lower Jaws: loss of teeth, incisors may still retained for porcelain restorations
implant người cao tuổi implant người cao tuổi
Loss full upper jaw  Bone loss status 
2. The treatment plan
Upper Jaws: 2 graft implant, removable prosthetic implant, bone graft
Lower Jaws: 2 implant transplant, bone marrow treatment of the remaining teeth ceramic fixed prosthesis
3. Implant placement
implant người cao tuổi implant người cao tuổi
Placing implant on the top X-ray

4. Porcelain restoration on implant
implant người cao tuổi implant cho người cao tuổi
Crown on implant Final x-ray

Video Implant

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